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Hey there, welcome to my website. I don't know how you ended up here, but before you check out, go ahead and cruise around.

My name is Rebbeca (duh...) and obviously I like baseball. My favorite team is the Oakland A's. They are my hometown team and I love 'em to pieces. People pick on me sometimes because (if you haven't noticed) the A's aren't winning a whole bunch of games.. Well basically those people are just ignorant. Some people just have a hard time remembering the past, or envisioning the future. In both respects the A's kick butt. Just give us three years... We'll be at the top of our division and not long after that the series. Trust me... All you other teams out there, watch your backs.

So anyway... You want to know the deal about my website, eh? Okay then. I have two favorite players that play for the A's: Second baseman Scott Spiezio and Centerfielder Ryan Christenson. They are both awesome. So linked onto this webpage I've made a site for each of them. Check out the links on the left, or click on the pictures on the right.

So people always say to me... Rebbeca, why baseball? Most of all, why the A's? It's kind of a hard question for me to answer. I guess there are a lot of reasons. First off I love the game already. I play first base in softball (which isn't quite the same, but very close) so there's an interest in the game. I also live near the Coliseum, so the A's games are very accessible for me. When I really started to get into the A's a couple of years ago, going to games was a way for me to kill time and just hang out with some friends. I was a high school senior and obviously didn't want to do much stuff constuctive (as most kids don't at that age). The games became an awesome excuse for me to do anything other than what I was supposed to be doing, actually.

I'd always been able to go to games since I was really small, but the game that started my interest in the team was Opening Night 1997. It's funny because at the time we had Mark McGwire, but he was soon gone, and what we were left with was arguably one of the worst teams in Oakland history. Despite that, my friend and I had such a blast we went again a couple of days later. Then we tried to make a point of going to at least one game of each series so we could see every team when they came to town. Soon we were at every game (except for the 12:15 ones during school). At the end of an otherwise torturous A's baseball season I'd racked up over 65 ticket subs and found a new escape for myself... The ballpark.

My family used to laugh at me because I am so much into baseball. But since then they've all sort of accepted the fact that Rebbeca just goes to ball games. If I'm not there something is wrong, I feel like I'm missing something big (even if it is the Yankees blowing us out 18-0). My sisters began coming to a lot of games with me in the 98 season and I think I've got them hooked too. Even my mom is into going to games.

I've gotten into a lot of A's related things since then. First and formost I run Real Fans A's Team Club on AOL with two others. This is a club only for AOL customers and can be reached by going to Keyword: RFGreenGold while on AOL. If you are interested in joing, it's totally free - no strings attached. Email me at and I'll hook you up. Sorry to all those without AOL, Real Fans is working to get this on open to everyone on the web, so your day is coming soon!

So now that you're here and have read this far.. You must be an A's fan too! (I don't know anyone else that would stick with this for so long - Which is a trait in most current A's fans who love the team...) Go ahead and look around.

This is my first venture into web page design and I owe a lot to the Tripod Quick Page Builder. However, I've self taught myself a lot of HTML, and with some tips from my college pal, Janet, I've tried to make this a rockin' page. My college major is Applied Art and Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design, so as I keep learning stuff, I'll keep upgrading. Kinda how I wish the A's owners would do to the team....


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